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Volunteering for the Youth Offending Team

Achieving For Children (RBWM)

Who are we?

Windsor and Maidenhead Youth Offending Team (YOT) is a multi-agency team that brings together the experience of police, safeguarding, probation, education and health, to prevent offending and re-offending by children and young people. We provide support for both the victims of crime and for the young people who have offended. Our aim is to give victims a voice, enable harm to be repaired and to prevent the young person from offending again.

Volunteers play an important part by representing the community in the youth justice system and alongside extensive training; bring their own individual skills and personal qualities to the work of the Youth Offending Team.

  • Are you interested in volunteering?
  • Do you want to help out your local community?
  • Could you be a positive role model?
  • Do you want to increase levels of confidence and self-esteem in vulnerable young people?

If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, then volunteering with the Youth Offending Team sounds like the right role for you. Together we can work towards reducing the risks of re-offending amongst vulnerable young people and create a safer community.

We are looking for volunteers for a variety of roles:

  1. Panel member
    As a panel member you would sit as part of a referral order panel alongside another trained volunteer and YOT worker. Referral orders are a sentencing option for young offenders (10 to 17 years old) appearing in court. The panel meets with the young person, parent or carer and, at times, the victim. Panel members will have access to a prepared report and in the panel will explore the risk factors that led to the offence and the impact it had – with the aim of negotiating a contract of work.
  2. Mentor
    As a mentor you will be delivering weekly one-to-one sessions with a young person who has been referred to the YOT by the courts or our external partners. We aim to improve self-esteem and confidence; reduce feelings of social isolation; and increase access and involvement with positive activities. You will be supporting a young person to achieve their personal goals (eg, learning a new skill, trying a new activity, gaining independence) and in turn you will have one to one support from the YOT.
  3. Appropriate adult
    We are also looking for volunteers to act as an appropriate adult to those aged 17 or below during their time at the police station following an arrest. Volunteers will support the young person through the police interview and DNA collection, ensuring that PACE Codes are being upheld by the police.
  4. Reparation supervisor
    Reparation is an opportunity for young people to repair the harm they have caused. This can either be directly to their victim or out within the community. Reparation supervisors will support a young person carrying out a range of activities whilst also developing new skills, for example, working on a gardening project, helping the elderly or within a local charity setting.
  5. For an application form or further details, please contact Zoë – 01628 683312 / zoe.galani@achievingforchildren.org.uk
  6. We are aiming to deliver the training for the above roles across March 2019.

To apply for this job email your details to zoe.galani@achievingforchildren.org.uk

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